Things to do

Our wonderful staff at Discovery Hostel is here to help you get where you need to go! We partner with reputable companies and listen to the feedback from all our guests to ensure we can recommened the best tours in Rio. Read though some of the trip ideas below and once you arrive we will be happy to give you all the details to book your trip! Most tours run daily so don't worry about booking ahead unless you are under a time crunch. If you are pressed for time feel free to email us and we will send you advance information on booking your trip during your stay.

A seção das excursões está atualmente somente disponível em inglês. Pesaroso para a inconveniência. Nós teremos as traduções disponíveis logo.
La sección de los viajes está actualmente solamente disponible en inglés. Triste para la inconveniencia. Tendremos traducciones disponibles pronto.


Play Sports!

Meet people form all over the world while playing your favorite sports. Join weekly scheduled games for Football (Soccer), BasketballVolleyball, and more!

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City Tours

There is so much to see in Rio de Janeiro - from the impressive architecture to the unique terrain decorated with spectacular mountains and topped off with picturesque sunsets. See all the best sites and sounds Rio has to offer!

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Jungle Tours

Discovery Hostel and Jungle Me partner to bring you Rio de Janeiro off the beaten track! Explore the Tijuca National Park, Pedra Bonita, Corcovado, Wild Beaches and more!

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Favela Tours

Descend on foot through the intricate maze of handmade homes constructed of brick and cement. You will have the opportunity to meet the people, and see the favela from a unique perspective and connect with the vibrant culture that Brazil is famous for. 

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Free Walking Tours

Discovery Hostel and Free Walker Tours partner to bring you the best free walking tour in Rio! Join in on the group as experienced multi-lingual guides walk you through this Marvelous City!

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Helecoputer Tours

Experience Rio with its all its breathtaking views from an incomparable birds eye view. Choose from several different packages highlighting some of the many unique vantage views of this remarkable city!

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